• Some good review material
    Demand and Supply, Elasticity, etc.

  • Indifference Curves
    1.1 Indifference Curves I - Light math, mostly discussion
    1.2 Indifference Curves II - Moderate math, uses some algebra
         1.2a Indifference Curves III - More advanced math, uses calculus and algebra
    1.3 Substitution and Income Effects
         1.3a Substitution and Income Effects II (Handout written by Dr. Audrey Davidson)
    1.4 Indifference Curve Application: Lump Sum vs. Per unit Taxes

  • Isoquants
    2.1 Isoquants and the Producer's Equilibrium

  • Factor Markets
    3.1 Competitive Factor Markets
    3.2 Monopsonistic Factor Markets
    3.3 Factor Market Summary
    3.4 Factor Markets and Surplus

  • Monopoly
    Cartels and Collusion
    The Dominant Firm model
    Price Discrimination

  • Other topics and/or interesting material
    4.1 Price Ceilings and Economic Welfare
    5.2 Uncertainty, Expected Utility, and Who wants to be a Millionaire?
    5.3 Game Theory Examples and Explanations (by Prof. Roger McCain)