• Some good review material
    Demand and Supply, Elasticity, etc.

  • Indifference Curves
    1.1 Indifference Curves I: Equilibrium - Light math: mainly discussion and graphs
    1.2 Indifference Curves II: Equilibrium - Moderate math: refers to calculus, but uses algebra
         1.2a Indifference Curves III - More advanced math, uses calculus and algebra
    1.3 Substitution and Income Effects within the Indifference curve model
         1.3a Substitution and Income Effects II (Handout written by Dr. Audrey Davidson)
    1.4 Indifference Curve Application: Lump Sum vs. Per unit Taxes

  • Isoquants
    2.1 Isoquants and the Producer's Equilibrium - Some math (algebra): mainly discussion and graphs

  • Factor Markets
    3.1 Competitive Factor Markets
    3.2 Monopsonistic Factor Markets
    3.3 Factor Market Summary
    3.4 Factor Markets and Surplus

  • Monopoly
    Cartels and Collusion
    The Dominant Firm model
    Price Discrimination

  • Other topics and/or interesting material
    4.1 Price Ceilings and Economic Welfare
    5.2 Uncertainty, Expected Utility, and Who wants to be a Millionaire?
    5.3 Game Theory Examples and Explanations (by Prof. Roger McCain)