Question of the Day: Day Eight

Consider the following data from Country X in a specific year. Although overlap is certainly possible, assume that there is no overlap between categories below (i.e. a person can only belong to one category, not two or more categories).

Persons who are employed full time: 139,064,000
Persons who are employed part time: 170,500,000
Persons who are out of work, actively seeking a new job: 14,825,000
Persons who are discouraged workers: 1,173,000
Persons who are out of work and retired: 77,882,000
Persons who are currently institutionalized: 2,226,000

Given this data, please answer the following questions.

1. Using our discussion from class about the four categories of people within the population (Areas A, B, C and D in the box we drew in class), take every category above and place it in the appropriate category. E.g. Full time employees are in Area D.

2. What is the (civilian) unemployment rate?

3. What is the (civilian) participation rate?