Economics 201 - Question of the day

As discussed on the first day of class, I'll provide a question of the day (maybe more, depending on the day) at this location. You can use these questions to reinforce your understanding of the various topics discussed on any given day, prepare for an upcoming exam, or use them in whatever way you think helps.

I won't post the solutions to these questions or email solutions to anyone. If you have questions over these problems, then feel free to ask them. I will, of course, gladly go over these questions when we review material or if it fits into the lecture at a later date, and I'll gladly go over any of these questions in office hours if you come see me.

Section 1 material

1. Day 1
2. Day 2
3. Day 3
4. Day 4
5. Day 5
6. Day 6

Section 2 material

1. Day 7
2. Day 8
3. Day 9
4. Day 10
5. Day 11
6. Day 12

Section 3 material

1. Day 13
2. Day 14
3. Day 15